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4 Tips For Hosting A Bible Study In Your Home

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If it is your turn to host small group in your home, there are some things to know first. While it can be a little nerve-wracking knowing you need to host bible study, it doesn’t have to be too fancy. Make the small group meeting about Christ and don’t worry about the other details. Simply provide a convenient, comfortable place for the gathering.

Prepare a Lesson Plan Beforehand

If your small group does not already have a scheduled lesson plan, it will be up to you to decide what the meeting is going to focus on. Make sure you get this planned out before the meeting so you are not scrambling when the bible study discussion begins. Some bible study meetings go in order, so you might just need to chose the lesson following the one the previous week. Others are chosen specially based on certain events or things someone in the group is going through. Don’t hesitate to discuss it with the group beforehand to come up with a compromise on what the lesson plan should be.

Get the Seating Arrangement Set Up

While you don’t need to provide a large, fancy space for small group, you should make sure everyone has a place to sit. For bible study, it is best when all the seating is positioned in a circle, so everyone can see everyone else. This makes it easy to have a lively discussion on the lesson plan. Whether you have a sofa, loveseat, recliner, or dining chairs, set them around the space in a circle. You might need to move some other furniture prior to the session, such as moving side tables or a coffee table out of the way.

Provide Refreshments and Snacks

It is a good idea to have some light snacks and refreshments available for the members of your small group. You don’t need an entire meal, but a few options for snacks, such as crackers and cheese, pretzels, and cookies is a good idea. Put out some refreshments, such as soft drinks, juice, and bottled water. You can also ask others to bring drinks or snacks if you prefer, but most hosts choose to provide these as part of their hosting duties.

Eliminate Distractions

By the time the meeting begins, all distractions should be removed. The last thing you want to do is be dealing with a knock on the door when you’re just getting into your lesson. Put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, unless you are still expecting a few people who are running late. Turn the ringer off on your cell phone and landline phone, and turn your answering machine to silent. If you have pets, put them outside or in another room where they won’t be a distraction. Talk to your church, such as Church of Christ, for further help.

4 Benefits To Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

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If you have a family member or loved one who is need of extra daily care each day, you may be looking at care facility options. With so many to choose from, you may not know which will be the best bet. An assisted living facility can be a great option because of the many benefits that it offers. Take a look at the following information to better understand the benefits to choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one’s care needs. 

Maintain Some Independence

For some individuals, it’s especially important to maintain some level of independence as they get older. As your loved one starts to show signs of needing help with some things, he or she may stress the importance of being able to handle other things alone. An assisted living facility is a great choice because it can allow your loved one to have some space to him or herself so that he or she feels more comfortable and happier.

Take Advantage of a Community Environment

Assisted living facilities offer patients the chance to live in a community environment. There are often times many special events and activities for patients to take part in. This can be a great way to make new friends. In addition, many patients choose to eat their meals together. This means that you won’t have to worry about your loved one being lonely each day. 

Get Customized Care

Depending on your loved one’s needs, he or she may have special care requests. With an assisted living facility, each patient’s care is customized. This means that you can choose what to get help with. This may include getting rides to appointments, help with medical care, and help with cleaning and bathing. It’s a good idea to communicate these needs ahead of time with a potential assisted living facility to make sure that they can accommodate all needs. 

Give Loved Ones a Break

It can take a lot of time and effort to coordinate shared care taking responsibilities between loved ones. It can also be very stressful and exhausting! By choosing an assisted living facility, your family member can get proper daily care and loved ones can get a break to focus on their other responsibilities. Family can visit as often as they’d like!

As you can see, an assisted living facility can be a great option to consider. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to discuss care needs in greater detail, contact an assisted living facility like United Methodist Village today. 

Getting Used Books Ready For Sale: The Dust Jacket

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Opening a second-hand bookshop is a great idea for book lovers looking for a new career. One key aspect of selling used books is the dust jacket. Books with dust jackets are typically more valuable than those without them. This article examines how to fix minor issues with dust jackets to make them more attractive, which may result in more sales. 


If your dust jacket has collected any dirt or grime, this can be removed in many cases simply by wiping the cover gently with a cloth. For best results, remove the dust jacket from the book and place it on a clean surface. Wipe both the exterior and the interior of the jacket and don’t overlook the creases where the jackets folds around the book itself. 

If the jacket has firmer accumulations of dirt, grime or mildew that will not come off with a simple wiping, then you need to use an eraser to remove them. Avoid using a typical pink rubber eraser. Use an art gum eraser instead. These erasers are tan or brown and work well for removing pencil marks or grime from paper products. Do not be alarmed if the eraser leaves behind small crumbs as you work, as this is to be expected. Simply wipe off the crumbs away with a cloth. 

You may find that some mildew might not come off even with the eraser. In this case, try removing it with a cotton cloth that has been lightly damped with glass cleaner. 


If the dust jacket had a tear, this can usually be remedied with tape, as long there are no missing areas. For a tear that fits together neatly, simply tape the two loose flaps from the inside of the jacket. Avoid using cellophane tape, which can damage the jacket. Use a product called document repair tape


If the jacket has a sticker, such as a price sticker, applied by the publisher or a retailer, you might want to remove it to enhance the jacket’s appearance. One good way to remove it, without risking tearing the jacket, is to use a tacking iron and parchment paper. This method, which works well with most modern glues, involves placing the parchment paper over the sticker and heating it with the tacking iron. Then you place a knife under the sticker to pull the edge back. At this point you can remove the sticker by pulling it back manually. 

Running a successful used bookstore involves paying attention lots of little details, including making the dust jackets visually appealing. Follow these tips to make your books as attractive to your customers as possible

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3 Unique Items To Turn Into Flower Pots

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If you are getting ready to plant some gorgeous flowers outside of your home but don’t want to use traditional flower pots, don’t worry. There are so many different items that you can use as flower pots that can work just as well and add the fun, unique touch that you are looking for. This article will discuss 3 excellent, yet unique, items that you can easily turn into flower pots. 


If you are in the market for a flower pot that is a bit larger, then a tire is a great option for you. The circle inside of the tire is great for laying down, filling with dirt, and planting flowers inside. Also, if you would rather have the tires as hanging flower pots, you can do this as well. Simply hang the tire from your porch or fence, and plant the flowers in the rim of the tire. The rim is great for holding the dirt, and it provides a perfect environment for your flowers to grow and cascade down the side of the tire. To make the tires even more fun, you can paint them different colors to give them a unique look. 


If you are more interested in having several small flower pots surround your home, you can instead use boots. Whether you use a cowboy boot, a work boot, or a rain boot, it doesn’t matter. However, do realize that because a rain boot is made out of rubber, it will likely withstand the elements a bit better and won’t be so easily destroyed by the watering process. You will simply want to fill the boots up with dirt and plant your flowers right inside. The different boots add so much personality to your landscape and really draw attention to your gorgeous flowers inside. 


If you have any old toilets lying around, don’t throw them away, but instead use them to make awesome flower pots. The huge porcelain bowl of a toilet seat is perfect for filling with dirt and planting flowers, and the built in draining system means that it is ready to go without hardly any modifications. All you need to do is remove the lid and find the perfect location for the toilet seat within your landscape design. To make the toilet more unique, you can paint it with a variety of different colors and patterns. 

If you don’t have access to these or want some more inspiration, check out unique flower pots online.